Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How should my child prepare for Portrait Day?

A. A great photograph starts with looking your best. Please check the grooming tips on the left.

Q. Is there an adult available to help my child prepare for his or her portrait?

A. Portrait Day is a big day at school. Teachers and parent volunteers play an important role escorting classes to the camera and assisting the students with grooming. Additionally, we provide complimentary combs for students to help them look their best.

Q. How can I volunteer for Portrait Day?

A. We always welcome parent volunteers for Portrait Day. Please contact your school for more information.

Q. My child wears glasses. How do we ensure a good portrait?

A. The photographer is trained to adjust lights and respectfully pose your child to minimize glass glare.

Q. Can my child’s portrait be taken before gym class, lunch or recess?

A. We work with your child’s school to organize Portrait Day in the most efficient and least disruptive way possible. Sometimes that means we have to photograph after lunch or early in the afternoon. We have mirrors, combs and adult helpers on hand to make your child’s portrait the best it can be.

Q. How quickly are finished portraits returned?

A. Your child’s photographs will be delivered to the school approximately four weeks after Portrait Day.

Q. What if I don’t like my child’s school portrait?

A. We offer a Portrait Promise Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, return your portraits on Retake Day and we will re-photograph free of charge. If you are not pleased with your retake photographs, we’ll gladly refund your money.

Q. What if my child is absent or sick on Portrait Day?

A. Your child will have a second opportunity to be photographed on Retake Day. Your school will notify students of Retake Day. Or, for more information, contact us.

Q. What if I receive the incorrect package?

A. If the package you received is incorrect, we’ll gladly remedy the situation.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

A. Personal checks or money orders are preferred, though cash is also accepted. See your Portrait Day flyer for more details.

Q. I didn’t order enough portraits can I get more?

A. Absolutely. Simply follow the instructions on the reorder form in your portrait envelope.

Q. Can I get a copyright release on my child’s photograph?

A. Frida’s Fotos has a copyright policy designed to protect the images it takes – similar to the policies used by movie makers, video producers and writers. While you do purchase portraits of your child, the original image remains the property of Frida’s Fotos. This original image cannot be photocopied or reproduced without the company’s express written consent.  If you prefer, you can order the digital file of your child’s photograph.  In that case, you will get the copyright release to your child’s photograph.