Dear Parents,

I will be at your child’s school to photograph your child’s class and individual portraits.  The photos will be taken outdoors unless it rains.  If it is too wet or windy, we will take them indoors.  I use a digital lab that prints for beautiful, natural skin tones.  In addition, all of the photographs are printed professionally and are guaranteed to be clear, with pleasant expressions and optically centered with NO Blinks.  If I have failed in any of these aspects, just return the individual portraits within five days for a refund.

HOW TO PLAN FOR YOUR PORTRAIT DAY: Schedule a haircut two weeks before Portrait Day. Limit exposure to the sun a few days before Portrait Day.

WHAT TO WEAR? Choose solid colors or simple patterns that complement the portrait’s background. Medium to dark shades create a timeless look. .  Avoid white shirts because it tends to over reflect the natural light of the outdoors.  Avoid shirts with slogans and characters. Long-sleeved shirts are best since short sleeves can be distracting and sleeveless tops can look too casual.  Select small accessories that do not detract, such as simple earrings, pins and necklaces. 

HOW TO ORDER: Fill out the envelope order form. Write the packages desired and add up the total cost. You may order any number of packages. Bring the completed form with the payment to school.

TEETH:  If your child has braces, a retainer, or has missing teeth, please check your preferences on the order envelope.  I usually try for an “open mouth” smile.  Would you prefer the mouth closed?  Note preference on envelope.

HAIR COMBING:   I try for a neat “hair out of the eye” look.  If you have any special hair combing instructions such as “it’s been gelled – Do not touch”, or “Comb bangs from HIS right to left” write it on the order envelope clearly for me to see.  Each child will receive a comb to take home.

SIBLINGS IN ONE PHOTO: I can accommodate siblings in one photo.  Please indicate the request on your order form. It is your responsibility to bring and return your children from and to their classrooms to be in the photos. 

Your photos will be ready on time for your holiday mailing!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Phone number: 924.413.1084